Welcome to the Kolache Bakery! 


Kolaches are baked not fried . . .

“The kolache is the most prominent edible symbol of Texas Czech

culture and probably the most tested pastry in all of Texas. Kolaches

are made with sweetened yeast dough formed into rolls and filled

with fruit, cheese or sausage before baking. Classic Czech fillings are

prune, poppy seed, cottage cheese, and sausage, though fruit fillings

such as cherry, peach, apple, and apricot have become popular as

well. Some family recipes call for a crumb topping and others do not;

some German-influenced bakers add mashed potatoes to assure a

moist dough while others swear by lard instead of vegetable shortening.”

(This article orginally featured in the “The Ranch,” November 1998) .